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What’s a Chimney Chase Cover and Why Do I Need It?
First: a word on what a chase cover is not:  Chase covers are not for masonry chimneys, rather they are for
the boxes (chases) that house a factory built chimney.  This is the top of the box that runs up the side or
through the middle of the house and above the roof.
Buying a chimney chase cover is important and necessary to the life and maintenance of your chimney and
your home. A chimney chase cover is a metal covering designed to keep precipitation, debris and animals
out.  It is not an option – it is a necessity.
Fitting over the top, outer opening of your chimney chase, it is important to install a cover that fits perfectly
and is made to last. Chase covers are custom made to fit your chase perfectly. Captain soot installs custom
made stainless steel and copper chase covers. Sure signs of a bad chimney chase is stains on the siding, or
water leaking down the chimney chase to your fireplace or heating system.This is something that should be
addressed as soon as possible. Water entering a chimney chase can rust or rot out prefabricated chimneys
and fireplaces potentially causing a unseen fire hazard. Call us today for a  free estimate , usually this is
something that will only have to be do once stainless chase covers have a very long lifespan