Standard Cleaning - This is the standard or normal cleaning method
and involves the use of brushes to clean the chimney walls.  A standard cleaning is the typical cleaning we do annually on oil,
gas, fireplace and stove chimneys.After cleaning and inspection if additional cleaning or repair is needed we will advise you of the
conditions that may exist.
powerful, well filtered vacuum is used to prevent soot and creosote
from entering the home. This type of cleaning is effective for soot and
ordinary creosote deposits but has little effect on glaze deposits.

Mechanical Cleaning -  Mechanical cleaning involves the use of wire
brushes, plastic cables or special chains rotated at high speed by an
electric motor. Mechanical cleaning is often employed to remove hard
creosote or glaze deposits. Mechanical cleaning should only be
attempted by professional sweeps familiar with the use of this type of
equipment. The improper use of mechanical cleaning tools can be
hazardous to the operator and the chimney. Typically needed on terracotta clay lined chimneys for fireplaces and wood stoves.
Cold over sized chimneys and burning of not fully seasoned firewood lead to the buildup of creosote.

Chemical cleaning - In some cases it maybe preferable to use chemical cleaning
instead of or in conjunction with mechanical cleaning. Special
chemicals are used to loosen or dissolve heavy deposits of creosote and
glaze. Chemical cleaning should only be attempted by trained
professional sweeps. However, there are a few chemicals designed to
be sprayed directly into the fire to help break down the creosote in the chimney then the chimney can be reswept after a few fires.
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Here at Captain Soot we take pride in our work no mater how large or small the job. Chimney sweeps are no
exception. In the New York area  there is a large number of other company`s offering sweeps for as low as $30.
These low prices are typically used to lure a homeowner to call. Once at the house the sweep insists expensive
repair work needs to be done. Here at Captain Soot we don`t play the cheap sweep scams so many others
engage in.. Our standard cleanings are $89.95. We come properly prepared with the right brushes and
equipment to do the best job possible mess free at your home. By calling Captain Soot you can be sure to be
treated with honesty and respect as you would expect from a professional service tech
These are pictures of a extremely dirty oil flue before and after sweeping,due to a blockage at the base of the chimney the
chimney puffed back and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the home and heating system,a little preventative
maintnence goes a long way