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Modern homes often include prefabricated fireplaces and chimneys to vent oil and gas heaters.
These fireplaces or appliances connect to prefab chimneys. At its most basic level a prefab chimney
is a metal pipe that runs up past your roof and allows exhaust gases to exit your home. In some
areas builders used prefabricated chimney housings to hide the pipe exiting the roof. in many cases
on long island especially in the late 1960s there was a asbestos wrapped chimney installed in the
home. the prefab chimney housing was used to protect the piping from the elements and keep
water from entering the home through the hole in the roof.A rusted metal housing or broken
asbestos housing can lead to very expensive repairs including water damage and rust to your
chimney, rotting of your roof, mold , sheetrock damage and water damage to your heating
system.Be sure to keep a prefabricated chimney cap on the system and keep the housing water
There are many ways to tell if you have a prefabricated chimney. The easiest way is just to look. If,
roughly over your fireplace, you have a metal pipe coming up out of your roof and you do not see a
brick chimney then you have a prefab chimney. Also, you can look inside your fireplace. If the top of
your fireplace is connected to a metal pipe then your chimney is going to be a prefab chimney. A
prefab chimney does not need a flue liner and only connects to one appliance. This is why modern
homes often have multiple steel pipes visible on their roofs.

Prefab chimneys require a specific style of chimney cap dependent upon the type of piping used for
the chimney. Pipes come in essentially three varieties; Solid Insulated , Air Cooled or clay asbestos
wrapped. If your chimney looks like a larger pipe with a smaller pipe inside and has an open gap
between the two pipes then it is air cooled. For air cooled pipes be sure to use a cap designed to
allow that air flow to continue unhindered. Solid pipes can use standard caps.
Captain soot has replaced hundreds of prefabricated chimney housings on long island. Using rco
tech housings we  can keep your home and chimney dry , and improve its looks.